leather club chairs vintage

Unique and Elegant Leather Club Chair

Leather club chair could be a personal touch in a form of furniture that could be placed inside different rooms in your home that could reflect your personality. It could also be paired and matched well with the rooms theme that provides you with the comfort-ability of a seat that could be used as a place and space to relax on. Some might prefer to put them in their living […]

plastic waiting room chairs

Tips and Tricks when Buying Waiting Room Chairs

Waiting room chairs are usually bought by people that have different businesses such as inside their office, hospital, doctor or physician place. In order to choose the perfect types of chairs for the rooms inside your office or business place, you must consider the right type along with the comfort-ability that they have to offer. They usually come in different designs, models and colors that you could choose from that […]

bubble chair with stand

Different materials of Bubble Chair

Bubble chair has round seat cover that has been used for many years that could be one of the most unique pieces of furniture to be used in a home furnishing design. There are two different kinds of chair that could be chosen from, one would have its base to stay on the ground and the other one to be hang on the ceiling. When placed in ceiling by hanging […]

kids stackable chairs

Practical Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are available in variety of styles, models, styles, sizes and colors that also come with extra features that could support the usability and functionality of the seat itself. Depending on where you are going to place them and what use you are in need of them, whether you are going to buy them for your office or for the use inside your home you could find plenty of […]

modern windsor chair

Different Type of Windsor chair

Windsor chair is a chair that uses wood as its main type of material that is characterized with its bending wood frame at the back of the chair. It is not too clear when the chair was first made or invented, but it was really popular as home decoration furniture during the 19th century. Some people have said that this particular chair was traced back into early 1700s during the […]

black leather parson chairs

Parson Chairs in General

Parson chairs take their name from their birthplace at “The Parsons School of Design”. A designer at the mentioned decorating school in Paris invented this particular chair in the 1930s and was originally upholstered in leather combined elements of Modernism with the style of mission, art, crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Its simplicity was echoed in the companion piece that was unadorned and the versatility of this kind of […]

chair lifts for home

Chair Lifts Inside Homes to Help the Elderlies

Chair lifts are helpful tools that could be used inside homes to help the member of your household that has mobility problems. This could be a person after their injury, elderlies or someone that has mobility issue. It could be a great addition to your home especially with the simplicity and practicality of their use for them to go up and down the stairs. All they have to do is […]